My first happiest day was 1st June 1991 when Dylan was born. It was an incredible experience despite the circumstances that occurred prior. But not a day has passed when I am not grateful for having made that decision. Yes – sometimes it was difficult being a single working mum, but it was all worth it for the wonderful person he has turned out to be.

Which is why it was so special to have him walk me down the “aisle” on what is the second most happiest day of my life – 15th June 2011 -my wedding day.

Such a typically nerdy start…

Proposal came via BB Messenger. We usually celebrated our month-iversary on the 15th at Luigi’s. The 15th February 2011 had started out not such a great day, but we continued on to our favourite Italian restaurant in Grand Bay to celebrate our 3rd year – or our 36th fifteenth – together.  Typically the conversation came around to some fact that needed verifying…so out came my BB…”let me just check that”…beep beep (message arrived)…”Aren’t you going to check that?”…”No, because I know it is you”…”I think you should check it”…

And the message was one I had not expected…”Will you marry me?”

BB Marriage proposalA few minutes later, through joyful tears, I replied…

A date was picked – 15 /06/ 2011… Then it was preparation time…thank goodness for the internet!

Rings picked online – but we changed our minds when we got to Solid Gold to pay for them and picked even more beautiful ones.

Venue booked online – Perth Zoo were fantastic!  Hotel, hire car, celebrant & wedding invites and restaurant for our wedding dinner with the 2 boys all done online,

The day greeted us with rain…and missing clothes from Lucas’ bag (namely the shirt and pants he was going to wear at the wedding). So the morning was spent running around, buying food & clothes and picking up rings before we dressed and drove to the Zoo.

Although it had been raining earlier – the sun peeked through the clouds and chased the grey away just in time for the pictures that we had with the boys before the ceremony. We were so grateful to my brother for taking them as we knew they would be exactly the natural type photos we wanted.

The ceremony was short and sweet…a no fuss, non religious affair, where Paul and I read our personal vows…Him vowing to love me more than root 3 and me vowing to love him as much as Cifa loves me.

A few champagnes and nibbles later we shooed the relatives off and headed out for a degustation dinner at Red Cabbage in South Perth. 6 courses of incredible taste sensations accompanied by amazing wines – a great start to fulfilling a promise made earlier that day to try to enjoy food as much Paul…

What a beautiful day…filled with love and hope and happiness… A wonderful beginning to continuing a life with my best friend. The (2nd) Happiest day of my Life.