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Is this Winter??

Well the drama of the ATM card at Barclays continued…they must have an inch thick file of paperwork that has been supplied – the most annoying thing about the whole issue is that back in December I was told it would be no problem, I signed a form or two and would get my card in a week or so…it’s now 6 months later and after more trips and calls to the bank than I care to remember – I now have the card but…and there always is one…they attached it to the wrong account and for me to...

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Early days 2009

Well 2009 has come already…Xmas was basically a family affair, with Mum & Son 1 & his girlfriend, Emma. New Year’s Eve went off – with masses of fireworks, not only at the hotels around us but also in our own backyard…that’s when we discovered that Holly really LOVES fireworks…yipping and leaping in the air to try to catch them as they whizz past her. I was so worried that she was going to go up in flames that we had to lock her up in the garage. We had our Australia Day/Ugandan Liberation Day/Chinese New Year party a little...

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First Impressions

Well finally – after feeling like it would never happen – I’m here in Mauritius…jetlagged I think for a little while – it was the yawning all day that gave it away. Arrived at the airport and through immigration with only a minor hiccup of trying to explain my relationship to P and the reason for my visit…to work…I really didn’t think it was that hard to understand. Customs was a breeze…in fact so much so – it helped that there was no-one at the desk… Then straight into Port Louis to sort out paperwork for my work permit and bank...

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Empty Nest

Following the College’s Graduation night where I gave a speech as the Year 12 Leader, encouraging my “little chicks” to fly the nest…my young one has flown. How empty it feels not having P or Son 1 around and soon the two furry girls, Holly & Ivy will be on their way too. so then it will be just be just me in the company of multiple packing boxes. Although a little apprehensive about moving, I just can’t wait to be with my family again. It certainly has been harder than I thought it would be, trying to maintain a relationship at...

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