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Written in the Stars

So one day I started thinking about fate – that crazy concept we seem to have no control over; that we are not really responsible for the direction our lives take. That it’s all written in the stars. “Every kiss, every heartache pre-ordered from the cosmic catalogue of experiences” as Carrie Bradshaw once said. But can we make a mistake and change our fate? Take Husband 1 for example. He left when Son 1 was nearly 3 and after many, apparently awesome, girlfriends of varying ages and boob size, he wound up with a very sensible female who, to her credit,...

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Boomerang Expats

I read an interesting article that talked about “expat culture shock” once the expat worker returns to their home country. It mentioned that the returnee can have feelings that can “include disorientation, confusion, anxiety and even fear” and that “re-entry to a country of origin can actually be more stressful than outward transition”. At first I scoffed that didn’t happen to me/us, but I soon realised that as a Boomerang Expat I certainly have and I’m sure PK has had those feeling in the short time since being back. Our biggest worry of course, like everyone, was money. The...

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Tragedy, Transition, Triumph

2013 has been a rollercoaster year – some events tragic, some transitional and some triumphs – for us personally and for the world. Although the events that impacted on our lives seemed so huge, it is important when reflecting that the focus is not just on the personal but the worldly events to put things into perspective…so here’s a summary of some of the events that made the year that was 2013. Our business began the year so positively but soon it was realised that survival would mean downsizing. Downsizing sustained us for a little longer but after seeing the real impact of...

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Doggy Tales

 My goal in life is to become as wonderful as my dog thinks I am. In the theme of the previous post being about the youngest of our furry friends, I have to talk about our eldest – Holly, the collie. Not because she  is outrageously funny necessarily (although as you get to know her quirks, they are kind of funny), but because she is really special to us and unfortunately also, not going to be around much longer, which makes me really sad. So this post is a celebration of a truly gracious old lady. I had just...

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Cat Naps

Every day we are woken by the patter of little feet …. and the purrs. Every day we are entertained (or annoyed) by the antics of the kitten called Polly, aka Killer. But first a brief history. PK was away – and as often happens when he is away – the animal family grows. I was meeting a friend and got a little lost driving there, so I pulled over to the side of the road to consult my Iphone map. As I looked up, I saw a tiny weeny creature wobbling its way across the main road and...

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