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Romancing the Phone

Are we missing romance in our lives nowadays? Have we become romance-intolerants with no songs, no poetry, no boombox held on shoulders beneath our windows but only messages beeping into our life across the table? Is the love affair really with our phones. Perhaps Apple thinks with the inclusion of the kiss and beating heart text features they can try to encourage the romantic side of our digital selves. Years ago I was totally against mobile phones – an expensive, waste of time that I didn’t need …then I got one and ok, it was pretty handy (actually bought it at the...

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Forgive your past

Maybe it’s an age thing, getting close to that scary halfway number, or maybe it’s coming to the end of year thing but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about things in my past. Although I try to live my life without regrets, some of these things I am sorry for and I have made an effort to make amends. In high school one of my best friends was an Indian girl. We spent a lot of time together, not just at lunch and recess sitting in our little group of daggy girls but also many hours on school holidays riding our bikes, going to the...

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Word for the year – 2016

For the past few years I have followed Claire Diaz-Ortiz in choosing a word to represent the year’s goals or focus. She said she saw it on someone else’s blog somewhere but there are plenty of other websites that also promote the idea of a single word for the year such as and It’s become the new “New Year’s Resolutions” alternative – less of a burden, less guilt-ridden and more positive in its application. It takes commitment, but your one word can shape not only your year, but also you. It can become the compass that directs your decisions and...

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Sculptures by the Sea

A beautiful clear morning with a light cooling breeze was the perfect day to visit the annual Sculptures by The Sea at Cottesloe Beach next to the iconic Indiana Tea House, so famous in itself.   I watched the bustle of energy as surf lifesavers conducted their activities as usual, the blue sea a background contrast to the colourful and sometimes weird blocks of wood, twisted metal and ropes that made the creative scene on the sand canvas.   Most exhibits have some connection to sun, sea, wind or rain or environmental issues.   2014 Surfboard graveyard – Chris...

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Dear Abby

I had a call the other day – the wife of a friend who was calling to talk to me about a problem her husband has – with us, well, more his mate, my husband. This friend believes that he may have offended, all because the contact with him hasn’t been followed through. Now while I was chatting away to her it got me thinking how important it is to keep the communication open and honest between people so that misunderstandings are avoided. Which led me to another thought about the need to maintain friendships. Like any relationship, friendships...

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